Below are the most popular questions that people ask us about our marvellous marquees.

What areas do we cover?

We offer Tipi Hire in throughout Scotland & the North of England, delivery costs vary depending on the distance from our base in Glasgow and will be itemised on any quote you get through.

What do you need to consider when choosing a site for the tipis?

Access for 4×4 vehicles, level ground & how exposed the site is are all considerations worth taking into account. In addition, you may want to think about which other services are available and which will need to be hired in (power, toilets etc). Images of the site are usually enough for us to tell if is suitable in the first instance – we can sometimes offer site visits if we need to further asses the area.

Are the tipis suitable for winter events?

Of course! The tipis are built to withstand the elements and winter events in tipis are magical. With diffusion heaters and cosy fireplace, the tipis will remain warm and welcoming, even at very cold temperatures.

What if the weather is really bad?

Once up, the tipis are very secure and can withstand most weather conditions. If strong winds are forecast during the agreed installation day, then it may be we can change this or simply wait for a break in the weather. It is always advisable to have a contingency plan for a very worst case high-wind scenario though.

Do we provide catering areas?

Yes, we can provide catering tents which are suitable for caterers to prep food or for a buffet-style spread.

Do we provide power, heating & toilets?

We do provide our own heaters. For generators & toilets – whilst we don’t provide this directly, we do work closely with a select few partners and liaise with them on your behalf to confirm requirements & setup/collection dates.

Do we provide insurance?

We always quote including a Damage Waiver which means that you are covered for any accidental damage or loss. In addition to this, we always recommend event insurance to cover you for third party service, cancellations and will generally extend to covering other aspects of your event. We have a great contact for this, so just ask if required!

Can I add my own decorations or bring in other suppliers?

Absolutely – most people like the idea of tipis because they get to add their own special touches! Do check with us for anything over and above table decor (for example, additional lighting from other suppliers does need to be agreed in advance to make sure it won’t potentially cause any damage to canvas etc). We will always cover this off during handover too. Our sister company, Make Believe Events, offer preferential rates for tipi customer so check out what they provide too – www.makebelieveevents.co.uk

Do we provide staff on site throughout?

For most bookings, we will do a handover with you (or a chosen contact) on completion of the setup. At this point we go over any special instructions such as how to open/close the sides of the tipis & maintain a fire pit. Generally speaking we don’t need to have staff on site during your event – however, some customers prefer this just to save any hassle and so we can arrange this at an additional cost if required.

How do I get booked up?

Once we have worked out your needs and you are happy with the general layout of the tipis, we suggest you get booked up to confirm the requirements. At the time of booking, we ask for a non-refundable 25% deposit which is then taken off the total to leave your balance – this is then due one month before the event.

When are the tipis setup and broken down?

We always aim to set up a few days in advance to allow at least one full day for the additional dressing of the tipis – for example, a Saturday event will be completed by Thursday evening, leaving the Friday to add finishing touches! Breakdown & collection will usually take place on the Sunday or Monday unless previously arranged.